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FAQ Before Exam Accessibility of Incomplete Daily Practice Questions sets

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My query pertains to the incomplete sets that are generated on a weekly basis and identifying the same easily.

If I understand correctly, the daily practice question sets of ONLY completed chapters/sections of related chapters are being updated onto the Practice Questions PDFs in the Study Planner.

Presumably, the new questions that are written are all posted under the "Today's Daily Questions" thread. This is a common pool of questions in chronological order and includes all chapters across FRM Part 1 and Part 2 and the sections/topics mixed up too. The completed sets which are posted onto the Study Planner in Practice Questions PDFs still remain here, as a result, I am finding it difficult to spot the incomplete questions sets easily. There is no way to know which questions under this thread are updated in the Study Planner and which ones are pending. It is quite plausible that a chapter may not be completed in time for May/November exam attempt. This would then deny the candidate the opportunity to practice such incomplete question sets. Manual reconciliation of Daily Practice Questions with Study Planner by the candidate is a definitely a distracting and redundant reconciliation exercise.

My suggestion is to better organize the Daily PQ thread into smart/ready reckoner buckets in such a way that incomplete questions that are not updated in study planner can be accessed at a glance across Part 1 and Part 2 and individually across the four topics with chapter classification. A quick fix suggestion that comes to me is to create an additional thread for ONLY incomplete question sets (for Part 1 and Part 2 individually and organised by the four individual sections each) instead of creating a new structure to the Daily Practice Questions thread.

Essentially, my point is that it is at the moment, almost impossible to know which questions need to be picked from the daily practice questions thread that have not made it to the study planner.

If there is a solution already in place or there is lacuna in my understanding, I offer my apologies and would be glad to be clarified.

Many thanks.

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Hi @chivinny Thank for the suggestion, but the forum board called Today's Daily Questions already represent the "incomplete" question sets. On Monday, I publish a new P1 and Wednesday a new P2, such that it can be easily inferred that currently (3/30/19):
In this way, there are only ever two question sets that are "incomplete" from the perspective of the Study Planner, and these two are the one P1 and the P2 that are in progress at Today's Daily Questions. Nicole will be back in the office Monday and can lend her opinion to your suggestion, thank you!

Nicole Seaman

Chief Admin Officer
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Just to provide more information in addition to David's great post above, we also have two threads in the forum that I update every time something is updated or published in the Study Planner. Those threads are here:
You can also click on "Watch" in those forum threads and you will receive an email any time that forum thread is updated so you will know when a specific PQ set is published.

Our very organized practice question process has proven to be very successful over the years. If you are a subscriber to one of our study packages, there is no need for you to follow the Daily Practice Question section in the forum unless you choose to. If you prefer to see all of the practice questions for a reading in one place, you can just ignore the daily practice questions in the forum and wait for the full PDF question set to be updated or published in the study planner. As David said, we post new questions on Mondays and Wednesdays. Once the full reading is covered, I then create a PDF and publish it in the study planner.

Thank you,