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Acronym Pronunciations

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I'm an audiobook narrator who is currently recording books about finance and risk management. I need help!

LOTS of acronyms have come up and I'm not sure how the following ones should be read.: (my best guess for each one is in quotes)

OpVaR: "Ahp Vahr"
HELOC: "HEE lahk"
SIMEX: "SEYE-mecks"
DFAST: "DEE-fast"
CFaR: "SEE-fahr"
LaR: "Lahr"
RORAC: "ROH-rack"
ROCAR: "ROH-cahr"
NIACC: read out the letters?
RORAA: read out the letters
RAROA: ditto
ORMF: ditto

Can anyone help me out here?
Please and thank you.