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After Passing FRM II


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Hi all, it has been around 3 weeks since the results and I was thinking how the recent Part II pass-outs plan to :

1. retain the knowledge they have gained
2. build on the knowledge gained ( stay current)
3. learn more applications to apply the knowledge they have gained by learning tools/packages like SAS, R or Python
4. fill the gaps in learning because the syllabus didnt cover it (assuming what was missed in the syllabus will be covered by self)

Could people who have cleared the exam earlier too give their insights on above three points.

Also if someone could recommend some books or resources on Risk Modeling in R or SAS. Also if they think I should focus on something else first....

If people could share their plans it would be beneficial for all.
I am revising the syllabus and learning SAS from http://support.sas.com/training/tutorial/