Any Feedback on FRM 2009 Exam ?

Discussion in 'About FRM' started by simhan, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. ash007

    ash007 New Member

    Another case of 'You have now joined a unique but select group of 24,139....'. Thanks a lot David. Your contribution to my result is great.
  2. shauncass

    shauncass New Member

    Dear David...

    I've still not got ny mail from GARP reg the results?? shud i proceed/what shud i do??

    Reg the concept of success in current FRM 09 - i dont think even 5% of ppl who fail will actually own up on it on the site/forum even if we shudnt read too much into the fact, that who ever is posting has passed...

    Mails r i suppose going out simultaneosly i.e. passed n failed...cuz i knw 2 ppl w opposite results..who got mails at the same time..

    Congrats to all that hv cleared...
  3. Liming

    Liming New Member

    Hello guys, another thought I'd like to share is that:
    If our result "email" were indeed wrong as some people suggest, then the bug could be in the mailing server - the server is doing a lousy job in sending the wrong message.

    We can then double check GARP's database system by trying to register for May 10 exam as a returning candidate. In my case, GARP website returned a message saying that I've already passed. This means that if the "pass" result in the email or mailing server is incorrect, then GARP's "Database" is faulty too, which is VERY serious.

    For me, I couldn't possibly imagine GARP's database could have problem at all, which would put records of the 24,139 financial risk professional GARP members at risk.

  4. Liming

    Liming New Member

    @shauncass: have you checked your GARP profile and made sure that GARP record of your email address is up-to-date?
  5. Maddy_SPJain

    Maddy_SPJain New Member

    I have got two of my friends who dint clear :-(
  6. hmehrotra

    hmehrotra New Member


    I am a Level 1 Candidate and haven't received an email as yet. I had not updated my email in my GARP profile even though GARP had my email and would send my notification emails from time to time..So, update your profile email...that would be my suggestion to all those who haven't received an email. I will follow up tomorrow as I am sure everyone will.
    For now, waiting isn't easy so I am enjoying some great college football.

    Good luck everyone!!

  7. mallikap

    mallikap New Member

    I took full exam, but I did not received any mail . I dont know I am passed or failed.
  8. shauncass

    shauncass New Member

    I assumed since i was getting the daily mail alert from GARP, that my email id was updated in the profile...hv to check that yet...
    Ive got info from several centres in India, that ppl hv still not received ny mails...and for the ppl who were doubting, there r several number of ppl who hv failed.....
  9. shauncass

    shauncass New Member

    Thanks guys....that seems to be the my case atleast I assumed that since I was getting daily mail from GARP, that it wud already b there in my profile....i just updated the email id now in the profile..I wud suggest all others who hv not received ny mail,go to garp site and login and check whether ur email id has been specifically updated in ur profile..gud luck...hope the result will come some time soon...
  10. timli123

    timli123 New Member

    it seems that the passing rate is high.
  11. shauncass

    shauncass New Member

    Hi Guys/Gals..

    Its been a long wait....still no mail from GARP....

    a) Email id in profile - i checked with my colleague who cleared the exam and he doesnt hv the email id updated but he still received the Im still wondering y i didnt receive the mail....they hv my mail id as registration id, atleast they can send to that id than waiting for someone to update one's email id again in the profile...nyways..

    b) Two other possible ways to check whether one cleared - Login to garp site...
    i) Go to registration page and try to register for the exam as a returning candidate - what does the message say? If it says u cant register cuz u hv cleared,its likely that u hv cleared the exam - I have checked this with few friends who did not clear the exam,and they get the option to register again....
    ii) Does Resume builder give u access?? - i guess this can happen only if u clear the exam....this i hv not checked with my friends...

    I have already put in a mail to GARP asking abt my results but wl hv to wait for a reply...David, ny suggestions??

    Best of LucK....
  12. benoit16

    benoit16 New Member

    it seems that the passing rate is high.​
    Good morning,

    It is tough to estimate the passing rate with the confusion and the lack of information form Garp on this subject.

    I have also passed. :)

    Thanks for your your feedbacks.
    I wish there had been feedbacks for the two threads I have posted on this forum. :red:
  13. chessykcherian

    chessykcherian New Member

    Got my result and GARP wants to test me again :(

    I was a late registrant and practically spent only around 2-3 weeks of serious studying. I found the exam tough like almost everyone else ... and like all aspirants- had that glimmer of hope that just maybe- i would pass.... but hard luck!!!! It has been a learning experience for me .... I enjoyed the material and exam - it was tough!!!

    In retrospect- my advice would be to start your preparations early enough and get a good hold of the concepts.

    The next exams are 4 hours each- so its going to be a long test....

    And I guess - it will only get no easier in the future too considering the importance of "RISK" in all aspects of business lately...

    Would GARP be sending individually a performance score for failed candidates?
  14. aspire_now

    aspire_now New Member

    Hi renche26,

    I am amongst the pool which is still yet to receive any email notification about the result. I have taken the Level 1 examination. Did u appear for Level 1 or the Full Exam?

    If it is Level 1, can you please try registering as a Returning Candidate and check if it allows you to register only for Level 2 or both Level 1 and Level 2. In my case, the drop box shows an option to only register for Level 2, so I am indeed confused if it indicates that I have cleared Level 1 (and hence no option to re-register for Level 1) or if that aspect is yet to be updated by GARP on their registration site.

    The Resume Builder check works only for Full FRM candidates and not Level 1 candidates. I have just updated my email id in my profile, as suggested above, but I guess the formal mail will arrive once the GARP office opens tomorrow. So any help will be greatly appreciated.

  15. shauncass

    shauncass New Member

    @aspire_now: I appeared for the Full Level...if it allows u to register for L2, my guess is that u hv cleared L1...otherwise u wl hv to register for L1 again...

    Resume Buidler works only for Full Level...i guess that is logical....
  16. aspire_now

    aspire_now New Member

    @shauncass: thanks for those words.. fingers crossed

    If any one receives any first hand information on this aspect, kindly post it on this thread for the benefit of all the waiting candidates, would be greatly appreciated..
  17. abhiniam

    abhiniam New Member

    Thanks David,
    I am not your customer but the kind of support you have given to all the FRM candidate it is really unbelievable.I passed the FRM full exam.I would like to thank you for your Videos which has given me lots of clarification about most of the topics.Thanks once again.................
  18. Ravi Shanker

    Ravi Shanker New Member

    Hi David ,

    I'm Ravi from Hyderabad,India(not your member..I wish I were!)...I have passed Full Exam and I should thank you for the great resources ..spreadsheets and videos..Major credit goes to you...thanks
  19. Maderix

    Maderix New Member

    Sorry for causing troubles and posting incorrect information, there are some guys who failed indeed, I just got the mail from a friend (see above).

    That really means we all passed and David got a pass rate for BT of almost 100%. Congratulation, unbelievable!!!

    And sorry again, I was just confused of all the guys who passed. I really regret if I should have made you feel uncomfortable because of my earlier posts.

    Dear Mr. xxx

    We regret to inform you that your score on the 2009 Financial Risk Manager Examination does not meet the requirements for certification.

    The FRM® Examination is a challenging test covering a wide variety of risk management topics and with many questions geared towards acquired knowledge gained through experience in the financial risk management field. We thank you for taking the 2009 FRM Exam Full and patiently waiting for your results. While your results may be disappointing, we encourage you to try again and take the 2010 FRM Part I Examination, formally called Level I and Level II.

    We have now completely transitioned the FRM program to a Part I and Part II examination format and now also offer both these exams in May and November, annually. You can elect to register for both Exams on the same day, but keep in mind, they are two very different examinations; at 4 hours each and 100 questions for Part I and 80 questions for Part II. As a returning candidate from the FRM Exam Full, you will have to pay the difference in the enrollment fee from the Full Examination to the Part I in addition to the Exam registration fee.

    Registration for the May 22, 2010 FRM Part I and Part II Exams is now open and will close on April 15, 2010. Registration for the November 20, 2010 FRM Part I and Part II Exams will open on June 1, 2010. Please visit our website periodically at to learn more about our latest developments and activities.

    As a part of our continuing effort to provide feedback to all FRM Candidates, shortly you will receive another email with instructions on how to access information about your performance relative to all other 2009 FRM Candidates who sat for the examination.

    The Global Association of Risk Professionals considers you to be a valuable member and looks forward to your continued support and involvement in the Association. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


    Global Association of Risk Professionals, Inc.
  20. MSAA

    MSAA New Member

    Not yet recieved the email. If the website re-registers and resume builders do not allow sucsess, is it the end?

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