Any Feedback on FRM 2009 Exam ?

Discussion in 'About FRM' started by simhan, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. spenserzhou

    spenserzhou New Member

    hi kunal, hope it is not a bug either...
  2. laura1987

    laura1987 New Member

    where can I find the resume builder?
  3. spenserzhou

    spenserzhou New Member

    when login, and then go to frm, on the left side you will see for frm only, click on that and you will see the resume builder....
  4. spenserzhou

    spenserzhou New Member

    Hi David, was the result release session in the last year like this time?
  5. cewai

    cewai New Member

    I got the email and it said I have passed the FULL exam!
    Thanks God!
  6. laura1987

    laura1987 New Member

    I got email from GARP. Officially passed! Thank everyone on the forum for helping me along the way. Thanks David!
  7. spenserzhou

    spenserzhou New Member

    I got the email too.....didnt they say, in the email we can also see the quantil of the scores? anyway thanks god and thank you all and david of course...I can at last go to sleep :coolcheese:
  8. orientao

    orientao New Member

    Congratulations, you passed the 2009 FRM® Exam Full!

    You have now joined a unique but select group of 24,139 financial risk professionals from around the world. On behalf of the Global Association of Risk Professional employees and Board of Trustees, congratulations on passing the 2009 FRM Examination and demonstrating your commitment to excellence in Financial Risk Management. Your performance on the Financial Risk Manager examination validates that you possess the professional skills, intuitive and analytical capabilities necessary to effectively perform the responsibilities of a financial risk manager.

    The final step for FRM Certification is to provide evidence that you have met the two years of professional work experience requirement. To do this, submit your CV/resume via our Resume Builder web portal. Once that has been completed we will verify your work experience. Should we have any questions or require further information regarding your work experience, we will contact you.

    Important to note: you have 5 years from the date that you passed the FRM Exam to submit your CV/Resume. If you do not meet the two year work requirement during this period, you will have to retake the FRM Exam. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your information as soon as you complete two years of professional work experience.

    If you have posted your CV/Resume no later than March 31, 2010 and met the professional work experience requirement, you will be mailed your FRM Certificate on April 15, 2010. If you have not posted your CV/Resume by March 31, 2010 or have not yet met the professional work experience requirement, please note that FRM Certificates are distributed quarterly to all newly qualified candidates. We encourage you to visit our website to see the certificate distribution schedule. Once you have met all of our requirements for certification as a Financial Risk Manager, you are encouraged to use the FRM designation on all of your correspondences.
    Thank you for taking the 2009 FRM Exam and patiently waiting for your results. As a part of our continuing effort to provide feedback to all FRM Candidates, shortly you will receive another email with instructions on how to access information about your performance relative to all other 2009 FRM Candidates who sat for the examination.
    You have our best wishes for continued success in the risk management profession. GARP considers you to be a valuable member and we look forward to your continued support and involvement in the Association. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


    finally got it!!!

    Global Association of Risk Professionals, Inc.
  9. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    @spenserzhou: No, it was not like this last year. Last year the results were sent and everybody reported in, with almost no confusion. I just sent an email to my GARP contacts with a link to this thread because clearly there is some confusion on the reporting...

    @EC: Congrats!

  10. Maddy_SPJain

    Maddy_SPJain New Member

    I am Happpppppppppyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
    cleared FRM 2009 Full Exam :)
  11. Maddy_SPJain

    Maddy_SPJain New Member

    there is one issue in the mail.... though i cleared my name shows twice at the start
  12. riskalm

    riskalm New Member

  13. seeking_knowledge

    seeking_knowledge New Member

    I Cleared as well....... :)

    Did someone receive a mail that they failed?.... I mean, they couldn't have sent out congratulatory mails to everyone by mistake, right ?? :S

    Really hope that i don't wake up and find out tomorrow that GARP sent out the wrong results and i failed ....

    PS: I know i am babbling, but the way GARP examinations were conducted and the delay in the results, I have no choice but to doubt the authenticity of these emails..... OR may be i am just sleepy / paranoid :p
  14. agustinsrr

    agustinsrr New Member

    Another cleared here! :)

    Good luck to everyone
  15. Maddy_SPJain

    Maddy_SPJain New Member

    can anyone help me with name repitition :-( my name is repeated twice at the start of the mail and apprehensive the same mistake must not be repeated on the certificate. I am just the one with this or is it with all cleared candidate??
  16. seeking_knowledge

    seeking_knowledge New Member

    same here, name is repeated twice...... Don't worry though, when u fill the CV/Resume builder, it requires you to enter your name as you want it stated on your certificate ....
  17. wolfhound

    wolfhound New Member

    there is one issue in the mail.... though i cleared my name shows twice at the start​
    Yep, I passed the full exam (wahoo!) and noticed that error.
  18. Maddy_SPJain

    Maddy_SPJain New Member

    thanks:) @ seeking_knowledge, its a celebration time :))))
  19. Maderix

    Maderix New Member

    sry for double posting BUT my opinion is that they screwed it up again. It's not possible that everybody passed, there is not one failure, not here, not on, even somebody who just filled out half of the sheets passed
  20. wolfhound

    wolfhound New Member

    Well, if they screwed up, it doesn't matter. Once they notify you that you have passed they can't un-notify you without facing a lawsuit.

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