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Anyone here with an actuarial background?

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Hi all,

First time poster here. I'll be taking FRM Parts I and II in November, and I intend to start studying today. I'm also one last step away from being a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA), and so I already have a lot of exposure to risk management (albeit, geared towards a life insurance perspective) in particular as it relates to ERM. I also have prior knowledge of a lot of the quantitative materials. I decided to take the FRM as a good complimentary credential to obtain, and I'm already a GARP affiliate anyway. On the risk management side, it's certainly more reputable than the fairly new CERA. My hopes are that this will be a good avenue for reinforcement and broadening of skills!

Are there any other credentialed actuaries here that could share their FRM experiences? It would be interesting to hear their thoughts and opinions about these exams.


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I began my career in the actuarial field (pension consulting firm Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson). I have passed P and FM and have looked at the MFE material a few times. Honestly, it was very helpful as the FRM exams are no where near the difficulty of actuarial exams. I rank the actuarial exams as the most difficult exams to pass. If you can pass actuarial exams, you will have great success on the FRM exams. I, too, will work towards my ASA, CERA, and maybe FSA down the road but for now, I am moving on to the CFA (given its recognition.)

Moreover, I am not needing the actuarial exams for work explicitly....so they are less of a priority but a priority nonetheless.

I agree with you @brian.field, FRM, I have Bsc Actuarial Science but never tried the SOA exam.
On its difficulty level, don't you think the FRM is made more easier because of people like @David Harper CFA FRM ?
I only know GUO and ACTEX for the SOA third party, but I believe if the concept of the contingencies models and others (statistics and maths...) are boiled down, it may look like the FRM (but senior!!)