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I referred to the study plan 2015 to find that Basel readings at the end of Operational Risk Management section have been made optional by GARP this year. It seems these readings have been a part of the syllabus for some time now, only to be made optional this year.

1. Basel II: International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards: A Revised Framework
2. Basel III: A Global Regulatory Framework for More Resilient Banks and Banking Systems
3. Basel III: The Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Liquidity Risk Monitoring Tools
4. Revisions to the Basel II Market Risk Framework

Is there any guidance on how to deal with these readings?

Particularly, I am short of time and would like to spend minimum time on sections that are not required but at the same time I do not want to risk sections that could be really important.


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I left those out entirely. As I understood it, a lot of this stuff has been covered by the other readings (esp. Hull). I decided that I don't have the time for this level of redundancy. But of course that might be the wrong decision.

I took a quick glance at the study notes though and they seemed very well organized to me. So I wish a little, that i had the time.


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hi sir

your tips regarding the study strategy has really helped me thank your very much . I have certain queries related to the basel readings firstly for hull chapter 12 & 13 do we have to remember the risk weights for risk weighted assets ? plus do we have to mug up the percentage of retained earnings for capital conversion/countercyclical buffer and what about the factors for ASF (available stable funding ? lastly how to tackle the optional readings i.e (ch 57-60) are candidates expected any questions from these topics ?