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i am currently working with one of the investement bank into Risk Management Dept. and looking to shift my area of expertise to Basel implementation. i am looking for some course which will help me get interview call for such profile. I know there are many openings out there but i dont have relevant exp to show in my resume.

can anyone please help me with any course of certification for BASEL?
few i could find:
GARP: International Certificate in Banking Risk and Regulation (ICBRR) - not sure of its credibility? ( I am already FRM holder)
http://www.baselcert.org/ : They have Expert and Professional certification

Can any one throw some light on this?


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I read article http://news.efinancialcareers.com/u...mba-but-could-nevertheless-boost-your-career/ and found https://www.garp.org/#!/icbrr/ offering International Certificate in Banking Risk and Regulation (ICBRR) to be most recognised as the GARP people are also involved in offering it. This is the most recognised Basel certficate that is offered by GARP people. GARP is itself a most recognised global community of risk professionals therefore ICBRR is the most recognise.
I think you can also try any of the links above for certification any shall go a long way in making you Basel professional.
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