Best book for Quantitative Analysis?

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  1. freddel02

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    Hi there,

    I went through the BT, level 1, study notes this week end and I feel ok with most parts of the course... But I would need something more exhaustive for the Quant section.
    Firstly, I would like to know if the BT videos go deeper into the explanations?!
    Secondly, I don't want to buy the $250 core reading from GARP since I only need one book... So is there a cheaper alternative to deepen the quantitative analysis section?

    Many thanks in advance for your answer.

    My background is Bsc Accounting and Finance +CFA level 3 candidate.
  2. Jas

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    Try Damodar Gujarati
    There are two books - Essential Econometrics (EE) & Basic Econometrics (BE) - both have different coverage. EE was the one that GARP was recommending few years back is generally pretty low level with limited examples. BE is more towards regression and time series oriented and limited in terms of FRM coverage, but the book is very good for someone who wants a detailed understanding or basics on econometrics.

    Another Choice is Aczel, Sounderpandian
    Excellent book with plenty of examples and highly oriented towards solving problems with the use of excel. Very lucid in explanation and covers right from basics till start of econometrics. The excel templates that come along with the book are PRICELESS.

    Another choice is Schaum's series
    This used to be recommended by GARP some 7-8 years back. Lots and lots of examples and very good for practice.

    Levin, Rubin
    Almost everyone is familiar with this name. Very very basic but builds up the fundamentals very strongly. Go for it only if you want to start ab initio.

    Statistics and Finance: David Ruppert
    Excellent book - not for FRM, but if you are interested in launching yourself for a quant career.

    Take your pick!
  3. freddel02

    freddel02 New Member Subscriber

    Thanks for your answer.
    Could you give me some advice about the BT videos; is it a good alternative to core GARP books?! As well, is it exhaustive enough to catch all the greek?! How many hours of lecture?

  4. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    Hi Fred,

    Unfortunately, I don't have a video hour count. We do go over all of the topics and AIMs in the FRM curriculum throughout the videos.

    Here are a few FAQ that might be helpful:
    I hope that helps!

  5. Aleksander Hansen

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    You used the word quant section, I'd be happy to list some excellent books from beginner to advanced, but what topic/topics in particular are you looking for further depth in?

    Also, what level: beginner, intermediate, advanced?

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