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Bionic Beta wins the 1970s

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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HI @emilioalzamora1 I've never heard of "bionic beta" ... so, no this had no influence! My original company name was "bionic tutor" because I had aspirations for a broad umbrellas of courses (i was very deliberate about selecting the FRM, but I did not plan to stay so long in the FRM, candidly. I never had that plan). Then I just arbitrarily decided to change the "tutor" to "turtle," after surveying the companies in the space because the whole space frankly felt a little corporate-dull; I just thought it might present a friendlier, even quirky face, and I imagined that would be consistent with the emphasis on the forum (e.g., wanting to be helpful to even the slowest learners, because I often feel like a slow learner myself). I have mixed feelings about it. The huge disadvantage is that the name does say anything about what we do. The advantage is that we do often get compliments; e.g., made me laugh. I hope that's interesting, thanks for the link to a concept (bionic beta) about which I had never heard!