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Bionicturtle was my best partner of success


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Hello, David.

Probably this is the first time to write in your forum. I have not intended to take the FRM exam before I had to take a derivative class in my university. After the first two sessions of the class I was not sure if I could strive in the class, but I found out that FRM was dealing quite in-depth in derivatives section so I enrolled into a regional FRM program. The lectures provided by our local providers was overall ok, but each five section was lectured by different person and some was superb and some was I guess in my view point mediocre especially in operational risk section. The time when I enrolled in my local class was early April, and after a few months later I found out there was a great FRM course provider named BT, and I guess I found this site in the mid July. Although, I did not enroll as a premium member, simply because I could not afford to spend additional bucks because I have already spent nearly 1,000 bucks for the local course and did not have sufficient time to enroll in an additional course and master it, but I did find your forum, newsletters, and screencasts at youtube very informative. Especially even when I did read the Schweser notebooks a several time regarding the legal issues of operational risk, I had no idea what it was talking about but only until I have seen your 10 minute sample screencasts I got it. Credit derivative portfolio screencasts was superb, and it was only after seeing your tutorials that I knew how subprime bubbles were created. I have regretted myself not knowing this website and the 100% probability that I could have enrolled in this membership earlier. I have to say in this moment, without your sample screencasts and your website I might have not been able to success in my 2008 examination. Sorry for the free lunch, but I just wanted to express thanks of your materials.
Yes, I did take the exam at November, and I did pass the exam with a 2-1-1-1-2 quartile ranking, but I am willing to take BT course to make my knowledge even more solid. In my situation I want to know the payment rate that applies to me.
Once again thanks for your great job, and I look forward for my study prospects with your course.


David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Thanks very much for your kind feedback. My intent has always been to give useful free resources in addition to providing a valuable paid membership. So I am thrilled the free resources were useful. In regard to "In my situation I want to know the payment rate that applies to me," I do not have a good current answer, I am busy deploying the 2009 FRM website, etc. I will see if we can figure an option for FRM graduates.

Thanks very much, David