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Hello Mr.Harper,

I would require your inputs in helping me decide my career path.

I am an MBA ( Finance majors ) from India .Prior to that, I did my Bachelors in Engineering.
Post MBA , I worked in a quasi government financial institution(in India). I was involved in performing credit appraisal for small and medium enterprises.

After about 8 months , I switched to KPMG( in India). At KPMG,where I worked for an year,I was engaged in managing projects and clients which involved understanding the processes/sub-processes, identification of gaps and suggesting Model Business Processes or means of standardizing the existing processes.

Last year , I quit my job and moved to california. Being on a dependant visa , to get a job is not quite easy. Seems like my resume needs to be more specific .Also, I am interested in pursuing a finance career for which I dont think my MBA would suffice here. I am interested in taking up CFA because it would help refresh my finance knowledge(at the same time help in fetching a job ?!). Considering the kind of work experience I have and the job market, could you please suggest if it would be a good idea to give a CFA ? or if there are any other options you think could suit me at this juncture?

Thank You !


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Seeing yours work-ex and mba in finance it would be good if you take cfa. i would like to know if at kpmg the work involved was finance related. if it is so than going for cfa is a great idea. You already have a lot of work-ex and mba so it will go well with the cfa. CFA is a world renowned examination accredited for its certification which is known worldwide, so having the CFA is a win win situation. BTW its up to you if you would like to give cfa or you are interested in pursuing some other qualification. Since there are also various other options that you can try like frm, cipm, acturial etc. but you shall need more inputs to decide which one would suit you. However cfa stands out for its comprehensive curriculum and famous charter.



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Could please elaborate more on the actuarial opportunities that you mentioned -
1) Course details 2) Exam details 3) Prep Providers 4) Most reputed exam authority.