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CFA CFA 2 after FRM 2, need some insights


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I made nov 2014 FRM 2 exam and hoping to pass (will see soon) I`m planning to pursue CFA level 2 next june (I passed CFA 1 some years ago and now returning to the program after FRM) my questions are:

Which exam do you think is harder? FRM 1 or 2 or CFA 2? I found FRM material not difficult due to my background but quite tricky exams (took FRM1 in may and FRM2 in november) although doable

How overlaped is the material in particular for quantitative analysis, fixed ncome and derivatives? knowing FRM material will save me remarkable time on the CFA 2 preparation?

Any comments or thougts to any of the questions will be more than welcome! :)


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According to me the order of difficulty is: CFA2>FRM I>FRM II.cfa2 is difficult because of the length of course its enormous and high dense material to understand. Many impotant concepts of finance are covered which requires deeper understanding.Frm I is mote elementery and important as comp. To part II.once u clear I it wont be difficult to clear part II.
Fixed incomevand derivatives covered are almost same in ccfa and frm and qiuant analysis are somewhat different say 50% is common. Yes there are lot of common topics b/e them but frm had risk in it its part II where frm reaaly stand apart from cfa where u will find not many common topics with cfa but only a few. Topics common in risk Are covered with basics in cfa while frm goes in depth in risk. Cfa goes in depth in investment while frm in risk. E.g. Equity invetment is more deeply discussed in cfa absent in frm while credit,mkt risk are more deeply covered in frm while basics covered in cfa.Part I do has lot in common. Yes preparing for frm shall definitely help u in ur cfa. Nevertheless FRM is risk while cfa is investment focussed.
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