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Hi David,

Now that I have passed part 2 of the FRM I am considering studying for the CFA. I REALLY over studied for the FRM. I was in the top quartile for 8 of the 9 sections and 2nd quartile in the "current events" section of part 2. I dont really regret it because I think I got a lot more out of it than many other people did, but it was mentally and physically exhausting.

I do not have the time or energy that I spent on this to put into the CFA. For the FRM I read almost every source reading (with the exception of some of the Basel documents), some of them multiple times (Linda Allen and Stulz chapters :eek:) did every question you had a couple of times, watched all of the videos and even did the entire Schwesser program.

I am still willing to put in a good amount of time, but I was wondering if you could comment on the volume of reading that is necessary for the CFA as compared to the FRM and maybe how much time I would need to spend on level 1 after mastering (but not necessarily remembering every bit of it) the FRM material.



Hend Abuenein

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Hi shanlane ,
How've you been?

Did you register for CFA I ? I'm taking it in June.
I Would love to share thoughts with you every now and then on study issues. Here on this forum.



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Hi guys,

I have just passed FRM part 1 exam (Q1 in all subjects). I am now thinking what is the best way to boost my career, take FRM part 2 in November 2015 or take CFA level 1 in June 2016, or both? I have not 2 years working experience yet (so after passing FRM part 2 I won't get the designation immediately). Have you any advises? Thanks a lot.

Akash chopra

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Each CFA level has an immense amount of material. You are focusing on ways you can maximize your comprehension of the material. That is not the point, however; your focus should be on getting the questions correct on exam day.

A lot of people feel anxiety when they read a section and don't completely understand it, or when they forget earlier sections after getting to the later material. For starters, accept that your comprehension and memorization will never be perfect.

See if you really want to clear CFA level 1 Then dedicate most of your time into practicing question and mock exams.:)