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CFA CFA exam results today


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Hi Jasvinder Taneja,
I did the following :
started in December till mid February did all the scheweser notes thorougly with a regular study schedule(min 5-6 hours).
Then for 1 month mid February to mid March read the Damodran book(valuation tools and techniques) which focuses on valuation(really helped on my equity part). I read the whole chapters(i mean no ppts!!) and did the EOC exercises this was my strategy to read the book(min 5-6 hours)
Then for 1 month mid March to mid April read the BKM Investments read the chapters(i mean no ppts!!) and did EOC exercises.
Then mid April to End of May again did the revision focussing on the CFAI blue boxes examples that is the examples given in the scheweser notes for all the topics.
Then on 1 june gave the exam.
This are things what i did more:
Prepare a formula chart outlining all the important formulas i captured all of this in 2 sheets and paste in in your living area.
Prepare notes for all the topics as you cover the syllabus so that they can come in handy when you revise the curriculum.
I watched a lot of David videos in between when time permitted( he gave me a free product tier 3 was really beneficial for my preparation)
Prepare a small pocket size handbook of formulas. so that you can refer to it whenever you can.
This is my story of preaparation for cfa exam so this is what it took to clear the Level2 :), I hope i do not put this much effort for level 3.