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CFA CFA for a poor man from Zimbabwe


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Hi Guys,

I am fixed on writing the CFA L1 in June 2013 and I have started reading today. I am glad I found this forum because there are so many useful threads of advice on CFA L1 from all! My conundrum:

I can only afford money to register for the exam only. Forget buying the (current) Shweiser notes for me. I was lucky to find some used notes from 2011 CFA L1 from a friend and I intend to use this. My plan:

1) Compare the changes in syllabus from 2011 to 2012 and skip these parts when I read my 2011 notes to avoid time wasting
2) Compare the changes from 2012 to 2013 - these I am sure are not that different from my research except in very few sections..almost negligible, I hear
3) Somehow find the specific changed sections from point 1) and the very few from 2) and study hard
4) Follow the study methods suggested (use notes +secret sauce, question bank, constant practice and revision each week

Question: now to all the veterans out there, has anyone ever tried this? Is it too risky? I feel confident I can do it but if you know a better (equally cheap or cheaper way) please let me know.

Thanks guys!


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Hi tmangonoo,
Yes you can always this. Majority of the topics do not change as i know of cfa curriculum from year to to year even if this happens then changes are not major just minor. Majority of the topics remains untouched and there remains the same stuff. Yes i have tried the same stuff as you are doing last year and when i read the same curriculum for the next year cfa books i found only minor changes not significant ones.
yes you can check for changes in the syllabus and find those not mentioned through net search or visit some public library and find the topics that you have not found from books and prepare you own notes for these topics so that every curriculum reading is covered. Now once again recheck if all those topics missing from earlier syllabus are being covered by you. In this way you ensure that you cover each and every topic.
Your method of studying is quite comprehensive and good. You are using notes than Q bank also and revision every week will do no harm but make you more conversant with topics and readings.


Hend Abuenein

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Welcome to the forums Tmangono,
I'm taking the June Level I exam too. I hope you remain active here on the CFA forum so we can share study ideas.


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ShaktiRathore, Thanks a lot for the reply. It is really helpful to know that someone else out there has done this! I feel even more confident about this method now. And it saves a ton!

Hend, Thanks for the warm welcome. I do intend to be as active as possible and share ideas whenever I can. I look forward to this


Hi Tmangono,
And what seems to be a problem?
Curriculum is included, so you should have it.
Quite enough...


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Hie Guys

I intend to join CFA.Can you advise on the registrtn requirements and cost.Do they provide study materials.Does this CFA course have a ready job market in Zimbabwe?