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Dear David,

Do you plan one day to provide the same service for CFA that you provide today for FRM?

I'm very interested that.


David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Hi Samir,

Thanks for asking, I've gotten this request (I dipped my toe in this pool as a CFA Approved Provider for continuing education).

I am interested in expanding to other exams, but here is the thing: I would need to find someone like myself to be the Product Manager (or whatever is better title). It is a lot of work to support an exam, so I can only be PM for the FRM. If I could find/recruit the right person/people to be the product manager, I could support them with BT resources. The CFA especially is a big undertaking (it took me three years to get the FRM product off the ground, of 80+ hr workweeks, and it is still a ton of work annually b/c I don't just xerox copy everything from the last year).

So, thanks for asking, I don't have immediate, actionable plans, but I am always interested to talk to people who have ideas
(I mean, about the BT approach to learning. I am committed to rich media methods for financial learning, so I am generally looking to see where the tools like screencast/flash/social media can improve the learning). David
This online format with videos and question sets really is the best way to study at this point. Universities even use this style because the students are so used to the technology. I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into the FRM prep from your alls perspective, and in that regard, your efforts are so greatly appreciated.