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Chartered Accountant to Financial Risk Analyst


I would like to ask if pursuing FRM after finishing professional accountants course like CA/CPA/ACCA give me a extension and a addition. I know both are different scope wise.. And MBAs normally do FRM.
CAs are professionally trained in auditing, taxation, financial management and accounting but not in areas of risk.. So will I have any synergistic advantage by adding this to my belt.
Anyone who has knowledge of both professions . In advance I thank you for clearing my doubts ..:):)

Akash chopra

New Member
CA and FRM certification are two different domains. CA is all about accounting and taxation whereas FRM is all about Enterprise risk management specifically involved in analyzing, controlling, or assessing potential credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk as well as non-market related financial risks faced by a firm and how to hedge or mitigate those risks.
CA is a widely recognized designation in India whereas FRM is slowly gaining momentum. CA could certainly help you in getting a good entry level job in an accounting or taxation firm but FRM may or may not. Employers usually favour people with an econometrics or financial engineering background for the risk management profile but that certainly doesn't mean that CA+FRM cannot get you into the risk management vertical.
People usually pursue FRM after landing up with a job in a risk management vertical because then it gives you an added advantage over your colleagues.
If you want to get into accounting or taxation domain, FRM would not help you at all. Pursue FRM only if you want to get into risk management.