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comments on my personal prep for FRM 2008 - passed

wing hui

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Hi David,

All thanks to your notes and videos, i passed on my first attempt.

Let me start on what does not work for me, just in case you might have future clients who does behave like me.

First, i might not be your most diligent student who went into most of the spreadsheets and try to figure out the dynamics of the concepts in question, thus, i rely alot on the notes. Trying to figure out the examples in the "pasted excel sheet" in the notes is really quite messy for me as i am the old fashion type of student who likes to see arithmetic done plainly in the notes. thus sometimes when i see something that i cannot follow, i simply left it out. not a very motivating sight.

Second, the questions in the BT are/were good, but perhaps not enough. i personally went to purchase schweser questions so as to do the tonnes of questions i need to make myself sick of all the concepts that were repeatedly asked. as i used BT's notes to answers schwesers' questions, some of the model answers were seeming conflicting to what was presented in BT, though they are, in actuality probably do not conflict. (too late to read schwesers notes by then)

What worked for me were the concepts that were presented in the notes and the videos. they were clear winners and i gained much from it. (including time)

For future FRM candidates who seem to be running out of time to study, you can try this:

1.BT's videos for a good ground understanding.
2.BT's notes to mop up the gaps.
3.schweser's questions to make you sick.
4.have to formulate a way to guess the right ans when all fails. (not morally encouraged, but practically, the single most useful method for me. a systematic guessing method can be found in schwesers' secret sauce)

that's all the materials that i used. though it seems that i am recommending schweser products on a BT forum, but i see that they are complementary in nature and BT has all the right juices except the "questions that can make you sick" and the systematic guessing method. i understand that BT recommends candidates to read the textbooks first, but one can wonder how many BT clients actually do. so if BT can improve on getting tonnes of questions ( which probably will take years of compilation and a bigger staff force) and the guessing system in, BT will be a powerful FRM provider to be reckon with. All the best David!