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Current Issues Readings - How to cope with them?

Deepak Chitnis

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Hi @David Harper CFA FRM, I was reading T9 current issues and noticed that there is not end of the chapter questions nor question set, I was just wondering if you can post only a one question as an example on this topic that can give a idea of questions asked on the exam. I know this is asking a lot. Sorry for the trouble.
Thank you :)


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in my exam the current topic questions were very superficial. I could've spent much less time with these papers.

If I would do it again, I would just try to understand the basic idea in every paper, without going in details and thats it.
Also remember that it's only 8 questions in total.

Of course your experience might vary


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Yeah I havent read current topics yet. Saved those bad boys for the end. Just finishing up the last of the BT question and will probably power read it sunday.