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Did you win? Check here for winners for the week ending August 3rd

Suzanne Evans

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As you know, David writes fresh, original practice questions pretty much every workday. You have the chance each week to participate. All you need to do is earn a participation gold star. At the end of the week, we will randomly select the two winners from the members who earned gold stars. If you earn two gold stars, you have two chances. If you earn three stars, you have three chances, etc.

Complete details are here.

Week 5 consisted of FRM Fun 15. David & I created a xls spreadsheet with a randomizer to help us randomly select the weekly winners.

Week 5 winners are highlighted in yellow on the xls below:

Winner 1:

Winner 2:

Congratulations Aleksander Hansen & troubleshooter!

Please message me via the forum (or you can let me know here if you wish to accumulate) with your prize selection.

Prizes to be awarded are $15 Amazon, $15 Itunes gift cards or $15 credit towards bionicturtle.com products (frequent participants may want to let their winnings accumulate and redeem at will).


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Suzanne: Thanks... I must mention that this is the first time in my entire life I have won anything. haha... My winning streak may have just begun....