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do i need to buy the frm books from garp?


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I'm planning to buy the BT notes and was wondering if they along with the practice questions would be sufficient material for exam prep. the GARP books are pretty expensive and I bet they are not very user friendly. appreciate opinions. thanks.

Aleksander Hansen

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I am biased in favor of BT and my answer will reflect this:

That being said, it really depends on your background as well as the time you have to prepare. The most important thing is that you are able to do the practice questions. Doing all of the GARP readings will take significantly longer than reading the BT notes and videos, which is something to keep in mind. Thus, if you watch the BT videos, read the notes, and then do the practice questions (and are able to answer them) you're in a good position.

If you are having trouble answering the practice questions despite having read the notes, watched the videos, and given the PQs a serious effort, you may want to supplement with the GARP reading as your background might require some more details on topics. In that situation getting the Kaplan notes would NOT help, since they will not give you the detail you probably need (and are full of errors)