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E/CTRM Systems Career Trajectory with FRM?


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Hi Everyone,

I think I'm currently suffering from analysis paralysis which is preventing me from taking the plunge into spending the money for part 1 of BT FRM Study materials. Currently I work within Trading Risk Systems, but more of a generalist role, nothing too technical, nor a role in which knowledge of the actual business concepts is necessary. I'm looking to move forward and could see myself in a Business Analyst or Consulting position.

Would studying for the FRM be worthwhile for someone in my position? Does anyone know if people in these types of positions require the level of knowledge the FRM certification covers? To me (and like I said, this could be very far off from reality) these roles don't require the level of quant knowledge required for FRM.

Any insight people can shed would be appreciated. Alternatively, suggest any other certifications that may be of benefit for TRM career track.


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If your main task is to perform financial risk management or anything related to managing financial risk then FRM is certainly for you.The level of knowledge you would gain from FRM would certainly benefit you in your career even if some financial concepts covered are outside your working domain,it would only augment and reinforce your level of knowledge and you would be able to see/perform your work by looking from many angles. FRM requires simple math i think which you would be using in your daily job routine(basic arithmetic and algebra) so nothing special about quant knowledge required for FRM.


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I agree with Shakti.

While it is true that simple math is predominant, there is some higher level statistics throughout, which I would argue is math at the end of the day. Still, it is limited.