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EOC hull questions versus bionic turtle

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Hi guys,

I wanted to ask if I can skip the Hull eoc questions altogether and just do the bionic turtle ones? I am not sure there's enough of time to do everything along with the mock exams. What do you guys recommend. Is this advisable?

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
Staff member
Hi @akrushn2 Yes, you can skip the Hull EOC questions. We include selected Hull EOC questions because their quality is high and they are consequently useful for candidates who want to go deep, and have the time to do so. To work Hull EOC is not wasted time. However, frankly, our questions are written to be more appropriate to the exam (after all, Hull's questions are written for a general audience and not the FRM exam, nor with it's history and Learning Objectives in mind). In general our questions are often a notch more difficult than the exam, but intended to be within scope (maximum exam readiness). Further, many of our Hull-based questions are modeled after selected Hull questions anyway, so it's not like you are totally forgoing the advantages of his EOC questions. In this way, Hull's EOC are useful but decidedly optional. I hope that's helpful.