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Exam logistics - minor details :)


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Hi david,
apologizes first if this has been answered or it sounds stupid. Just wanted to cover all possible angles and put my mind at ease :)

wanted to know small details such as:
1) will writing pads be provided for workings or you have to write on the question paper itself?

2) i have looked at a few practice exams but non of them contain any statistical distribution tables. Will distribution tables be provided in the exam?

3) if for some reason you run out of pencils or even your spare calculator is damaged, will you be able to borrow from the invigilator? or borrow from another candidate?

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Sorry for delay responding.

1) I *think* they give you note paper to work out questions (they should)
2) If you need distribution lookups, they will be given. Because you are not expected to have memorized critical values. Except please note, you should know: -2.33, -1.96 (helpful maybe), -1.645 or -1.65 (all for the normal. And keep in mind for the student's t, that values larger than 2.0 tend to be signficant.
3) I don't know, sorry