Feedback on the FRM Exam Part I May 2011

Discussion in 'About FRM' started by simhan, May 20, 2011.

  1. Jiew Kwang

    Jiew Kwang Member

    Would totally love to hear level 2 questions! I myself am trying to fit in level 2 this year if things go smoothly as planned. =)
  2. AG

    AG Member

    Checked GARP's wall on FB.... Some people were even defending GARP... I mean, come on, a few wrong question in such an exam is never acceptable...
  3. New Member

    David and all,

    I am supposed to take up the FRM level 2 exam in Nov 2011 if I pass the May level 1 exam. Is it possible to take up CFA level 1 exam and FRM level 2 exam simultaneously and still manage to complete both? I am doing my MBA and I have studied the topics of CFA level 1 already. I am not able to decide whether to go for both or just take up FRM level 2. Any thoughts on this?

  4. Jiew Kwang

    Jiew Kwang Member

    Hi sathyaan,

    Looks like i've found a clone of myself! I'm also doing the same exams this year end! But the only difference is that i'm doing an undergrad program now unlike you doing a masters. Actually I also asked the same question but i thought over some time that no one could answer that question other than yourself! I'm sure it will be hardwork though.. =)
  5. Only 3 days to go.....
  6. best of luck everyone...

  7. New Member

    anyone have idea at what time does the results come out?
  8. Zack87

    Zack87 Member

    1:57 PM Eastern Standard Time ;-)
  9. New Member

    Did anybody try to register for Part II and succeed?
  10. Jiew Kwang

    Jiew Kwang Member

    I am waiting for the results to be out to register!
  11. New Member

    Try to register and check if it succeeds. Last year many could register for Part II even before the results indicating that they have passed level I.
  12. Jiew Kwang

    Jiew Kwang Member

    I could not register as well. Perhaps still too early? Anyway succeeded in registering? lol.
  13. Interesting theory there Sathyaan !!

    I wonder if GARP would allow something that silly...

  14. Jiew Kwang

    Jiew Kwang Member

    Alan, thanks for dispelling the 'myth'? i do hope u are right... my heart sank to the bottom of the ocean when that error message hit me...
  15. Tried my luck just now to see whether can register level II...and the answer is yes! i managed to register. Does it mean that I've passed level I ??? keep my fingers crossed.
  16. .... I was able to register to part II !!! ... is it bug ? or a good news ?! ... well , we'll see in a few hours !
  17. Jiew Kwang

    Jiew Kwang Member

    I can register part II as well! perhaps last night i tried too early! We shall all pray~
  18. Jin_Gin

    Jin_Gin New Member

    I can register Level II as well as Toronto Time 11:10 PM. what if I really registered LEVEL II and paid for it? anyone done this?
  19. New Member

    Hey guys..
    when I try to register it says :

    FRM Exam - Registration
    Our records show that you have already passed the FRM Exam.

    Once accreditation is awarded, you do not need to retake the exam.

    I cant wait for the official result!! Anyone else seeing this?
  20. Jin_Gin

    Jin_Gin New Member

    did u take the full-exam? thks

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