Feedback on the FRM Exam Part I May 2011

Discussion in 'About FRM' started by simhan, May 20, 2011.

  1. good check .... so means 2 hrs ...
  2. MY membership expired on 28 june 2011 does it have any relation with result coz igave FRM part 2 exam and i ablr to register for it means failed
  3. Guys i think the results are released... the page of exam result is totally busy !!!
    Go and take a look. !
  4. yep it is totally down ...
  5. I passed i'm so glad !!!
  6. Finance_Guy

    Finance_Guy New Member

    Got to know about this forum today .. following it throughout the day. Just cleared Level 1 so really really happy. Love this forum and thinking of using Bionic Turtle for Level 2
  7. Hey Najwa did you pass the exam ?
  8. New Member

  9. @ali : yeeep !! i'm so happy !! 1st quartile in the 4 sections ! :D
  10. New Member

    Can somebody please tell me how do we prove to the recruiters that we have passed both the levels? Do we get some certificate?

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