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FAQ Exam Formula sheet on Exam

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When I was preparing PMP exam, everybody advised us to write all the formulas once entered into exam hall , it will take 10 to 15 mins , also everybody will be in exam hall 15 mins in advance.

Do we have any methods for FRM Part I or II, because once in fresh mind set if we write all formulas, it will be very easy to refer while reading the question. It was very helpful for me. Once if we start reading the question , we will be confused and we will be in doubtful situation under pressure. Any body can answer it?


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That is a great idea, I never thought about that.
Unfortunatly I think you are not allowed to bring any paper into exam room. So I guess you have to wait to official opening time of the exam booklet with the writing and than it will cost you valuable exam time.
Maybe you can write on the outside of the booklet before it's opened. Has somebody ever tried that? They might frown upon that, I don't know.

So I'm not sure it's helpful for FRM, but I will keep that idea in my mind for future exams with less strict rules.
I don't think you are allowed to write anything before the exam officially begins.

Plus, you won't have problems with remembering formulas if you really understand the materials.

Good luck.
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Thanks everybody, will they give blank paper / working paper to work out problems? if they allow to write the formula before exam in the blank sheet it will be great.