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No one knows, neither the master @David Harper CFA FRM himself!

However, your two questions are both very computationally burdensome you can be rest assured that you won't see them on exam day. Most of the time the calc on the exam is quite straightfoward; it is much more about the 'how' (in other words, whether you graps what they are aiming at with their questions).

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Thank you @emilioalzamora1 , I do agree, @Ali Ehsan Abbas I cannot really know (we give input to GARP, but as should always be the fair case, we never expect and additional knowledge. Sometimes we ask for clarifications, but we post them back here, etc.). With respect to VaR and ES under POT, however, these are no longer associated with "compute" LOs: GARP softened all of the EVT LOs to qualitative verbs (we did give feedback on that, years ago), by qualitative I mean "describe" or "explain" as opposed to "compute" or "calculate." Consequently, there is no current reasonable expectation that you would be asked to calculate (or compute) an VaR or ES under POT. I hope that is helpful!