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Hi David,

I have certainly learned a lot from you and the other people in this forum. Going forward, could you recommend any other forums where we could ask somewhat dumb questions without asking our superiors and looking foolish?

For instance, I am at work and looking at a report right now that lists "Gov't and agency securities" and "FHLB securities" as two seperate items. I kind of want to tell someone that FHLB securities ARE agency securities but am not 100% sure if that is true. I am pretty sure it is, but would rather not throw out a statement like this that is incorrect, especially after passing part 2 of the FRM and trying to look and sound like I know what is going on.

Thanks in advance for any advice you could provide.


PS Sorry for the strange post, but I did not know where else I could post this!

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Hi Shannon,

I hope you are doing well. I am not swimming in such options, in my view the currency is really attention (i.e., where can you find people who respond). I actually think that, in places where there is attention, "dumb questions" tend to be the popular because people like to be helpful. Lately i visit:
  • http://quant.stackexchange.com/ this is just the quant forum, they have other boards stat, personal finance ... quite responsive ... I think stackexchange has a competitor, but it escapes me?
  • LinkedIn seems to constantly have conversations in relevant GPOUPS. I can't keep up with some of the linkedIn but it just seems like it's got attention
  • a little off topic, but if your subject associates with a COURSE that appears in http://www.coursera.org/ or www.udacity.com, then go there, it's amazing for the courses i've been auditing. Ask a question and you'll get several answers on the same day.
I hope that helps, glad you haven't abandoned us just because you passed P2 :D

Append: I just noticed this in my rss feed and realized the stackexchange competitor i was thinking of but could not remember (b/c i don't use it) is quora, http://www.inc.com/maeghan-ouimet/quora-moves-to-mountain-view.html


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Thank you!

Now that I am beginning my search, are there any particular skills that I may want to take a course in that would make me more marketable?


Hend Abuenein

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Hello Shanon and David,
I hope you are both well.
I loved the question Shanon, about where to ask dumb questions without being labeled dumb.

Aleksander Hansen

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I think that, generally, there is no such thing as a dumb question.

HOWEVER, you will be labeled as dumb and lazy if ask a question, when you could easily read about it or look it up. Although it takes more time, you learn something in the process.

If you do your research but just can't seem to find the answer, then post a question and be sure to include and mention that you have tried looking here and there, but you were unable to come up with an answer. Doing so will make people take you more seriously and they might decide to help you out.

Be sure, however, to return the favor if you can so you're not a free-rider. That will also exponentially increase the chances someone gives you a good answer next time you ask something.

Aleksander Hansen

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To elaborate a little: I'm a member of a couple of groups that are on a forum, or a group within a forum. It is not altogether uncommon that I spend several hours trying to help figure something out, especially if I know the topic well. Similarly, the other members will go to great lengths and spend considerable time on any question I post.

Those groups tend to be pretty close-knit and you become a member by invitation only. It gives you valuable resources and contacts though. In order to be invited you should display a passion for the topic, be generous in sharing your knowledge in a respectful and precise way, and display knowledge of several topics and participate actively on multiple forums, from e.g. economics to finance to computer programming [just random examples].


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Hello David: In delta normal Var, the xpected return is given in the question, bt in real world if i want to apply delta normal VaR how could i calculate expected return? i mean i want to know the formula? Thank you


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I needed an unbiased opinion on FRM that is why i contacted you instead of GARP. I just want to know if FRM program is deep enough to cover Quants in such details that after passing the FRM one can easily work in CREDIT and market risk section of an investment bank... and do monte carlo simulation and perform testing on Risk models in C++ or in operational risk .

If not than what value would a FRM have in my case I am a CPA working in an audit section of bank and want to work in financial risk management department. I never ever ( in my 6 years career ) see any one working for risk department with out a Msc in financial engineering or a phd in physics etc .. So what types of jobs would I be able to do in a risk department by just doing my FRM ( garp) .


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hi david
hope you are doing well.
Could u suggest if it will be right to give
FRM exam as i dont have any experience
in risk.
i am an mba in finance
i m currently wrking with an MNC but
profile is not related to risk.
should i give frm as i am interested to
shape my career in risk. i am good at
analytical skills too.
Looking forward for your advice.
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