FRM 2008 results ?

Discussion in 'About FRM' started by ashishkumarpatel, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    @Ankit and frmquant:

    I pinged my GARP contact with these three questions:
    1. The email is the only means to currently get pass/fail?
    2. If a candidate has not received an email, what should he/she do? (e.g., you can expect some emails will be trapped)
    3. If the email is only pass/fail, how do candidates access the breakdown-by-discipline?

    She got right back to me:
    1. yes, only via email at this time. On Feb 5th candidates will be able to find their GARP ID for those candidates that have passed.
    2. If they have not received the email, have them contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and they will be sent the letter again.
    3. To answer #3, they will be able to access the analysis via the link in their letter, probably by the end of day today.
  2. chih22

    chih22 New Member

    I just got the email from GARP and I passed too but I am still waiting for the breakdown of exam results to be posted.

    Thank you David for putting together such a great review program and for this awesome website. I don't think I would have been as successful on this exam without BT. Your program made learning much easier and your screencasts and frequent forum postings helped me to stay on track and not fall behind with my studies!

    Best Regards,

    Chih Chen, CFA
  3. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    @Faisal: Congrats. Thanks for your feedback!

    @Philip: Thanks for that detailed feedback; I think that is useful for any FRM candidate. My first observation is: you clearly put in the work. You *deserved* to pass!

    In regard to "The actual exam was very different from all I expected. It was also more difficult" ..."...some questions were too lenghtly." Yes, GARP heard this loud and clear from the providers last week on our conference call, including "too lengthy questions." I think they will move to remedy this.

    @Sipani: I am so *thrilled* you passed...that did make me work a bit, eh? I will miss your questions, what will i do with my newfound spare time (smile). It's not about smart/stupid. To ask questions is to engage, I learned too from you (I swear!) and for that i am grateful!

    @Paul: Congratulations! Thanks for delving into the XLS examples (e.g., fixing the best hedge error).

    @Anuj: Thanks, really glad to hear. Although, I don't generally endorse starts after early September, not everybody can pull that off. But i'll take it :)

    @Chih Chen: Thank you so much for that feedback. See above re breakdown, I am told the email contains a link that will give breakdown, but not immediately, more like end of day.

  4. sipanivishal

    sipanivishal Manager-Corporate Banking


    have still not recieved my result. Have sent an email to the mentioned id. when do i expect them to resend the result
  5. kgolf20

    kgolf20 New Member

    I have not received my grade yet either...
  6. Rahul_Lodha

    Rahul_Lodha New Member

    Hey..anyone still waiting for me..
  7. sipanivishal

    sipanivishal Manager-Corporate Banking

    Hey David,

    Any idea why the result email has not yet been recieved? And if we email them about the same, when will they resend the same.

    Many thanks
  8. zeller_40

    zeller_40 New Member

    I haven't gotten one either. I am pretty sure I failed but I am not sure why we are still waiting.
  9. peter333

    peter333 New Member

    hurreyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I passed
  10. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    @sipanivishal, gmz1124, resultawaited, kgolf20: I sent this thread to my GARP contacts. Frankly, it does not surprise me that some emails aren't received. Happens all the time. Will have nothing to do with your results. GARP needs to resend

    @Peter: congrats, I sort of figured you would pass, you had such high quality queries. Thanks for your engagement this year with the product. And the thoughtful feedback which i am working to incorporate this year.

  11. vkaul1

    vkaul1 New Member

    The people who fail will not receive the email in the beginning looks like.
    Has anybody who has not passed received the email.
  12. pratikmhatre

    pratikmhatre New Member

    HI David,
    I have question.
    I just cleared FRM 2008 exam. Shall I take PRM ( 4 exms ) too ? or FRM is enough for risk management ?
  13. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    frmquant: I see no benefit to both FRM/PRM (if you had a PRM, I wouldn't recommend the FRM). From a substantive, and market perception standpoint, I think the FRM is superior but their common overlap exceeds their differences. Is the FRM enough? Well, i personally do think it is the gold standard for a certification, so i don't know how you improve your position vis-a-vis certifications. (one can always go "up" with financial engineering or "over" with CFA/CPA). But now, maybe, it is time to go forth and help fix this mess we are in (smile). David
  14. harry_summy

    harry_summy New Member

    Hi friends,

    I have also passed 2008 FRM. congrats to all who are through
  15. vkaul1

    vkaul1 New Member

    I have failed so atleast I received my failure notification.
  16. arnemartin

    arnemartin New Member

    Congrats to all of you who passed. Unfortunately I´ll be doing the 2009 exam.. I guess I spent about 300 hours using Bionic Turtle and the GARP reading materials.. feels kind of wasted right now, but should form a good foundation for trying again. Guess I need to redo my plan and strategy from last year, which clearly didn´t work.. Ideas are welcome!

    So David, I was very happy with the contents of BT last year and my expectations for the next season are even higher :) Please let us (the people who decides to do it again) know how to continue the membership on your site.
  17. Rahul_Lodha

    Rahul_Lodha New Member

    Still waiting.. :(
    sent a mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) around 2 hours ago...

    someone plz help me out what to do..
  18. kgolf20

    kgolf20 New Member

    just got mine... passed.

    Thanks a lot David
  19. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    @arne: sorry for the result (sad face). If you have f/back for us to be better, I will take it. My expectations are higher, too.
    @resultawaited: GARP is probably dealing with a bit of backlog. If you don't get an email by end of day, feel free to send me your email address (you aren't a customer so i don't have your information. My email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) and I promise to bug them about it 1st thing Wed. But please give it a few hours b/c I know they are going thru them.
    @Kyle: congratulations! Thanks for using BT.

  20. blueturtle

    blueturtle New Member

    Not as bad as I expected : I passed !
    Thank you very much, David, for your study notes (very helpful, especially in the last few weeks before the exam !), your screencasts (so entertaining and so instructive), and your spreadsheets.

    Congratulations for all BT members who passed. Good luck for those who will seat again next year.

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