FRM 2008 results ?

Discussion in 'About FRM' started by ashishkumarpatel, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. shuihongwong

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    frmquant: Thanks. I do what I can just to make a difference here (getting a job) . I have been using Excel VBA for more than 7 years (not as a full-time job) but hardly get me into any full-time Excel VBA job. C++ yes that's a good idea; however, without a quant degree it is very hard to move around.

  2. shuihongwong

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    frmquant: What do you think about the MFE from Baruch and Rugter?

  3. pratikmhatre

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    shuihongwong : sorry for late reply.
    I think Baruch is good one.. Location is very important than course content as they are similar
  4. shuihongwong

    shuihongwong Member

    frmquant: Thanks.

  5. Mudaltiru

    Mudaltiru Process Assistant

    Thank you again for your fabulous support and continued humane interface.
    Bionic Turtle was the most important factor for my success in FRM.
    In addition to many important feedbacks given by other members, I would like
    to add a few:
    1.BT keeps one on track throughout the year. This gradually adds to our speed
    and coverage of such a wide syllabus. Delivery of materials in instalments, makes
    busy candidates to be on target(I can't agree with statements like 'I started just 2 weeks
    before exam'.) So, this very important(often unnoticed) benefit of BT can be derived only by
    subscribing to/paying for it. Just storing the whole material(from some friend) in D: drive will
    only make one lethargic in preparation.
    2.Daily dose of briefcasts make it more easy to understand the finer points (imp. in exam).
    3.I request David to include the exact practice questions(as given in practice exams) along with regular studies.
    4.Pls. include the text of question/explanations in Excel worksheets itself.
    5.This forum was also a important part of my studies.

    Wishing you all, the best for 2009.
  6. shuihongwong

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    Hello all,
    The official passing rate for the 2008 FRM exam is 42.40%, the lowest passing other than the 1997's (1st FRM exam being conducted -37.04%). Here is the link:

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    I passed FRM Part I and Part II , of course with your guidance. I have written the CFA Level I exam on 4th December , It was not tough .

    In the meanwhile I find CIPM Course syllabus very interesting especially for the 2nd level. I need you suggestion on this --- should I buy the material for CFA Level II and start reading / or can I do CIPM --- Ethis and GIPS are common only difference is the performance measurement portion.

    What is your suggestion. I dont want to wait till Jan end.

  8. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    Hi saisubram,

    I agree with you (that the CIPM syllabus is very interesting; I sat it for just this reason). I assume you refer to CIPM Principles. But I did not think GIPS is highly prominent in CFA L2?

    In any case, it if were me, I'd stay focused in CFA before starting CIPM (that's what i did), but i don't a large downside (other than your time!). Thanks, David

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