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FRM after CFA


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I am new to the site, but have a question. My quick background: BBA from University of Texas-Austin, MBA Tulane University, CFA Charterholder, FINRA series 6,63,7 licenses - 12yrs of equity derivative trading experience, primarily listed equity options index futures, etf's, at a cross-roads in my career, leaving my current firm, reached a plateau in trading - given the "credit crisis" and financial meltdown, I think there will be very good opportunities for "credit risk / risk managers", so, I am looking at pursuing the FRM..... as you know, MBA and CFA "highlight" the areas of credit risk, etc. I understand the FRM exam is extremely difficult. I would appreciate any advice on pursuing this and the career outlook for FRM... my stats. / quant background is not real strong, just not part of my current position