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FRM certification


Here is a link from the GARP website: http://www.garp.org/frm/faqs/more-faqs.aspx#Work Experience and the Certification Process. It may take up to 10 weeks for you to receive your certification. It can depend on where you live also. If you have not heard from GARP within 8 weeks of submitting your resume, please let me know and I can email our contact at GARP to see if they can provide an update.

Thanks Nicole, Surely I will update.


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I am checking this forum every other day to see if anyone else received the email from GARP but it seems people who submitted their work experience on Jan 2nd, received it the latest Feb 6 and there were no posts for two weeks. I submitted mine on Jan 17th and still nothing... Now I regret I didn't do it on the 2nd:)


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I am so jealous! I need to take my Part II on May and I am so envious of all of you that have been receiving your certifications recently! Congrats to you all!


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Hi Natalia, Congrats !!!
I have submitted mine on 8.Jan and no updates yet :(, pretty much concern now.....
That's interesting...So they don't look at submissions on a FIFO basis then maybe different people look at CV's by last name or region?
I wouldn't worry yet, they still have time before the end of this week. You should get it anytime now!
The best part for me yesterday was seeing the email...such a great feeling :) , then I updated linkedin profile, added the badge, updated signature at work, checked the membership page at GARP website. I am curious now how the certificate will look like? I saw CFA once and thought it was huge, definitely not A4 print-out.


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Hi @Nicole Manley

Much like some of the other BT members in this chain, I submitted my work exp in early January (Jan 8th) and have yet to hear anything from GARP. I was wondering if there is any way to see how far along the verification process GARP is for those who received notice of passing L2 in January. If you would like to follow up offline, that would be great as well.

Thanks in advance!
Just wanted to add: I had submitted my work experience on Jan 2, 2015 and had received the "you are a Certified FRM" email on Jan 20, 2014.

Last week, I received the actual certificate (sent via USPS). It looks neat!


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I agree 100% with the main concept of this thread. People have been complaining about the same issues in regards to results and certifications on threads like this for nearly a decade (such as how the website has early tells, issues with the pass list until months after the results come out, not having clear timelines for approval). None of these issues have gotten any better, some such as how the results are released, are arguably worst, all while the number of test takers (and the amount of money they take each session) have surged. It is clear that GARP has invested little to no IT resources in improving their site or infrastructure over nearly a decade of complaints.

Recently people found out you could see your result letter a day early just by changing the date on your computer. Very sloppy, makes the company look unprofessional. No excuse for these issues to not get fixed after 5-10 years when you consider that they are probably making double to triple the revenue than when people first started complaining of the poor website and long wait times a decade ago.