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FRM L1 prep timeframe

Dear David,

I would like to know whether three months of preparation would suffice for the Level 1 FRM exam. I've cleared my CFA Level 1 exam in December and plan to take the FRM L1 in June 2011 before taking a shot at CFA L2 in June 2012. Also will the Bionic L1 subscription suffice or are there any additional materials that one is supposed to go through for the FRM L1 exam. Please advice.

Thanks & Best Regards,


David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
Staff member
Hi Sreehari,

Yes, absolutely three months is enough; even if you had not passed CFA L1. Since you have passed CFA L1, you benefit from some (potentially significant especially with respect to quantitative methods) overlap. Of course, CFA L1 + prep L2 still leaves much you should study for the FRM, so you still have to put in time.

Re: BT subscription: we try to make it sufficient, and certainly for many passing customer it has been sufficient. But I really believe that should be an individual decision because the FRM is less predictable than the CFA and therefore favors (IMO) over-preparation, especially a read of the source (assigned) materials. The best thing you can do is review the AIMs associated with the study guide. I hope that helps.

Thanks, David