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FRM Level I Exam

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Hi David,

I took the Level I exam on 21st Nov 09. I was not very happy with my PM exam. However on an overall basis my exam break up is

Attempted 55 with 100% confidence
Attempted 25 with 50% confidence
Attempted 20 with 25% confidence

What do you think are the chances of clearing. I am confused as to whether this is enough for me to clear. How would you rate my performance.

Congrats Vicky, you're sitting on a pretty 72.5% on L1.

I'd like to be more modest with % correct and rate myself in the mid to high 60% on the Full Exam. Since the top 5% will likely achieve at best 90% given difficulty of exam, any scores above 67.5% will likely make the grade eg, 75% of 90%. At 70%, scores above 63% will pass the FRM Exam. Should the top 5% score an incredible 95%, the passing grade will hover between 66.5% and 71.25%. Who knows what the bell and normal distribution will be but based on difficulty (esp. AM session), I'd be surprised to see the top 5% percentile with mean scores above 90% given the no. of challenging questions.

David, thank you for sharing insight on how the passing grade is computed. Based on your insight, is mean of 90% to 95% realistic for the top 5% genius ones. Guess, I'd like to know my position ahead of release date on Jan 5th ...

20/20 :)
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Thanks for your response but i feel that the top 5% will not be able to achieve such a high score (considering the level of difficulty of the exam). I believe they will score an avg of 80 and so the cut off should be (0.75*80) about 60 odd.

I think most ppl will clear level I exam as they need enough ppl to apprear for level 2 in May 2010.

I hope my analysis is correct and wish you all the luck.

let's wait to hear from David and others ... I recall during my school days of the nerdy few who always score 95%+ regardless of difficulty ... should 80-85% be a fairer mean score for the top 5%, all the better ... from this forum, most believe that the full length exam was quite tough (esp. morning session) so some of us can begin celebrating early since 75% of 85% is about 63% ...

David, please shed your experience that's applicable for both L1 and Full Length Exam ...

20/20 :lol: