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  1. Hunkydory

    Hunkydory New Member

    Hi David,

    I am keen to start my preparations for the FRM exam in May 2014. I plan on sitting both Part 1 & 2. I was wondering if the material available on BT is updated for 2014 and I can just subscribe and be on my way Or should I wait until the end of the current set of exams?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator


    Thank you for your interest in!

    You certainly can begin your studies now, however, we will not have the 2014 curriculum from GARP until December/January. At that time, we will be able to begin prepping and reorganizing the content according to the new curriculum. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what changes they will implement at this point in the year. My hunch is that a majority of the curriculum will remain the same, however there are always changes in both Part 1 and Part 2.

    We will update everyone as soon as we have final details. Thanks!
  3. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    FWIW, I concur with your hunch Suzanne Evans that "much of the curriculum will remain the same:" GARP introduced an unprecedented churn into the 2013 syllabus, such that I think we are right to want and expect some regression toward stability. Like other trainers, we will get a shot at providing our feedback; one of our key feedback items will be a request to sharpen (even scale back) some of the AIMs which frankly over-reach (in particular in Malz and Gregory). I'd love to see the FRM shrink (and, also, tilt toward more relevant and better applications), but we will see ...
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  4. machaang

    machaang New Member Subscriber

    I am interested in FRM L1 2014. I hold Chemistry and Statistics background with a MBA and 10 years in Retail Banking . But I am pretty bad in calculus. I was never able to grasp it properly. Are there a lot of calculus in FRM L1 ( a lot of integrations, derivations). I am pretty good in Stats. What percentage is calculus in the exam. I am planning to start studies soon.
  5. ShaktiRathore

    ShaktiRathore Well-Known Member

    there is not much calculus besides basic maths like algebra and statistics. you dont need to use calculus unless you want to dig deep into the formulas to understand them e.g. duration, convexity etc. But that is not the necessity of the exam other than understanding the formulas and their application and basic application just requires basic algebra and arithmetic. As far as i know there is not even a single question on calculus related question and the questions requires algebra and arithmetic.
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  6. Anay

    Anay New Member

    Hi David

    Now that frm 2014 syllabus is out what differences do you observe for level 1 ,I have started to prepare for May 14 using your advanced material.

  7. Nicole Seaman

    Nicole Seaman Administrator Staff Member Subscriber


    We are currently in the process of analyzing the 2014 curriculum. After this process is complete we will have a better understanding of which materials will be added or changed. Just by looking quickly at the 2014 curriculum, some of the material will not change significantly, but there are a number of new materials that will be added. Our basic (level 1) package that you are referring to includes Study Notes and Question Sets. Although some of those materials will not show a big change, there will be a good number of new Study Notes and Question Sets added that will follow the 2014 curriculum.
  8. PleasureBot3000

    PleasureBot3000 New Member


    When do you anticipate the Level II material will be updated and, more importantly, begin to be released for the updated 2014 syllabus/AIMS?

    Thanks. I'd like to start my Part II preparation sooner rather than later, but obviously I need to udnerstand when updated content will be available.

    Many thanks - happy new year to you all at BT.
  9. Nicole Seaman

    Nicole Seaman Administrator Staff Member Subscriber


    Just after the New Year, we will begin to publish the updated 2014 materials, and we will also provide the publishing calendar (we will publish from January to the end of April). Thank you for utilizing Bionic Turtle for your FRM preparation! Happy New Year to you also!
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  10. PleasureBot3000

    PleasureBot3000 New Member

    Thanks Nicole.

    I see all the Part II materials are available. Does that mean they have all been updated? Your older website was a bit clearer on when something had been updated.
    Do you still have the old calender which detailed when things were to be updated?

  11. Nicole Seaman

    Nicole Seaman Administrator Staff Member Subscriber


    Our website has not been updated yet. All of the materials that are on our website at this time are from the 2013 FRM exams. Many people start to review the material before we update the website because there is a lot of material that doesn't change or has very little change. Once we start updating the materials, you will see a "new" remark next to the item that has been updated. Thank you for your patience as we continue to update materials to coincide with the 2014 curriculum.
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  12. PleasureBot3000

    PleasureBot3000 New Member

    Thanks for the clarification
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  13. olicka

    olicka New Member

    Hi David. I purchased the Tier III notes in June 2013 for part I. I did not pass. Do i have access to the new material for 2014 for this period? I mean all the new chapters that are included in the 2014 material from GARP, and of course any new questions. Also, please for an advice on the exams. What might have gone wrong is my speed, but also other factors as well. Please advise at what level i should be in order to pass. Thanks,
  14. Nicole Seaman

    Nicole Seaman Administrator Staff Member Subscriber


    You will have access to your purchased materials for one year from your date of purchase. This includes all updates that are made to the materials during that time. Right now, we are updating the materials to coincide with the 2014 curriculum. We publish new materials from January to April. You can view the publishing calendar here, which shows target publishing dates:
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