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Hi, im new to this forum, and after reading the active replies to other threads maybe one of you can help me.

Im doing my bachelor's degree in actuarial sciences, which covers maths, stats, faim, modeling, pretty much everything that FRM does.

I want to do a professional qualification in the loooong ( 5 month ) summer holidays. I really want to do FRM and go through the BT study notes, however, after doing extensive research i heard that you only get an "ACKNOWLEDGMENT" after passing the FRM exams, and nothing else until you complete the work experience of 2 years.

is that acknowledgement as good as a degree or diploma certificate, say for example to frame it and hang it on the wall? and is it worthy of showing other people?

The other option is to do the CIMA certificate and then diploma, its fairly easy and only primarily consists of accounts and you do get a proper certificate after passing.

My only concern is its costs the same to do both the qualifications, and to do level 2 and level 3 for CIMA requires the same amount of workload as FRM, approximately 300-400 hours of study.

I really want to do FRM, what do you guys suggest?

Thank you in advance


Aleksander Hansen

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You'll get the designation formally after 2 years of work experience, but who cares?
If you are an employer it doesn't make a difference - you still passed the FRM exam and you'll get the work experience soon enough.

Who cares about CIMA?
FRM or CFA. Don't waste time or money on other fluff.
You can go online and get a Masters from Joe Schmoe University too but it's not going to impress anyone.