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FRM p2 Nov 18


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The reason why I open this topic is because almost every group which is prep. for p2 is full and therefore impossible to join.

Therefore I am asking who of you would like to join me for studying for FRM p2?

I don't mind if its through whatsapp, GoogleHangouts (preferred), Skype, or even meeting up if the people are coincidentally in the same location where I am :) (I am originally from Germany /Berlin)

Please contact me via private conversation to exchange phone-Nr. or reply to this thread.

With kind regards
We have a new group for preparation of FRM part 2 Nov 18.pinto & others pls provide your nos in existing (FRM part 2 study groups) forum or message me privately.Thanks
Hi, This is Vishal. I am attempting FRM-II in November and would like to join interested people who are also preparing for same.

I am working in Credit risk VAR estimation and currently in India.

I am reachable on mail id [email protected]