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Exam Feedback FRM Part 1 (May 2015) Exam Feedback


I would guess that 20-30% of the people (maximal!) have more than 70% solved correctly. Otherwise I would give back my Master Degree...


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As soon as the exam ended, I was so angry. Angry at Schweser for their Practice Exams, on which I was scoring 70+. Angry at GARP, for the so-called practice questions, which were supposed to be "representative of the actual exam", which they sadly weren't.
I did not use BT. In retrospect, I probably should have.

I'm in the same boat as you, i feel like Schweser's prep materials are pretty good but their questions are not nearly as challenging as the exam or BT's
I agree with Boxbro and shlobb13. The Schweser notes on repeated readings from previous years were really good. Some new readings were not sufficient so I often had to resort to the original readings for those chapters. Schweser practice exams were not as nearly difficult as the real exam. Qbank was not challenging at all and there were many repetitions of the same questions. Also some questions were directly from the Qbank for the CFA. Qbank only helped on memorizing the concepts and gaining speed in simple applications but the real exam tests a lot more than that. I think Schweser does a perfect job for CFA L1 and L2 but does a poor job for CFA L3 and FRM Part 1 & 2. However, it is still better than reading the original books. I did not use any of the BT materials so I cannot comment on them.
Looking at the historical pass rates, GARP may increase the pass rate for Part 1 and decrease it for Part 2. In my opinion Part 2 was fairly easy so the cutoff may be high and pass rates can be low. I don't know if the Part 1 exam this May was more difficult than the previous exam because I am a first time taker. I am hoping that it was more difficult so that the cutoff is lower this time. Putting every factor aside, I do not think GARP would set a passing score in the 50 range. 65 sounds relatively secure and I think one can still hope to pass with 60-65 correct answers. Can any re-taker comment on the relative difficulty of the November 2014 Part 1 exam to May 2015?


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Questions were extremely tricky. I hope 30-40 mistakes would still pass. 70% is a direct pass for the CFA exams and CFA Level 1 is much easier than FRM Part 1. So, hopefully there will be a much lower threshold for FRM. A nightmare would be if the average for FRM ends up more than 70 correct answers. The wait is killing!
That's true! CFA lvl 1 or even lvl 2 are much more easier than FRM part 1. I guess 60% will be the threshold score, otherwise I will give my master's diploma back!
That's true! CFA lvl 1 or even lvl 2 are much more easier than FRM part 1. I guess 60% will be the threshold score, otherwise I will give my master's diploma back!

I agree that CFA L2 is much easier and not tricky at all. I never had an exam like FRM Part1 that left me without an idea whether I'd pass or fail. Part 2 is a fair exam though.


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Hi All,
I am preparing myself for the November part I exam and was wondering on how intense I should remember fomulas, are they provided in some questions? and if you could share some difficulties you faced during the exams (the t-/F-distribution PDF are quite complex in that sense) ?
Hope you'll get the best out of the May exam!!
Thank you.