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    Hi guys, what great resource for FRM test takers, I registered for the FRM part 1 exam in NOV 2012 and bought the 4 books that include all the suggested readings.

    Now my question is, at the end of some of the chapters there are exercises included but there are no answers to these exercises. Have the answers been left out in the books provided by GARP?

    Also I see that there are numerous products being offered for FRM test takers, aside from the four books that I have, will that be enough?

    I am a person that learns by doing examples and less through reading and if the answers are excluded in the 4 GARP study books then will the products offered here give me lots of examples to study from?

    Thank you
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    Hi harkkam,

    Here is a forum thread in which the above is discussed:

    If you are looking for examples of practice questions, I'd highly recommend our preparation course. We offer thousands of practice questions both in the forum as well as pdf documents. You can find samples of our practice question documents here:|level-2

    You might also want to review what others say about our products:

    I hope that helps!

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