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FRM Part 2 2021 - WhatsApp Broadcast list


Anybody,who needs some preparation tips etc or information related to FRM part 2 preparation can post their Name and Mobile nos (With WhatsApp installed on them)through a private message to this ID on BT forum (Messages will get checked at a weekly frequency only till Feb 28,2021).They will receive a message from +XX - 8XXXX9XXX4 for addition in WhatsApp broadcast list for a one way communication.

Pls like this message later,if you experience some genuine support,feel some gratitude and will like to encourage in continuing with this initiative for future candidates for some time .Thanks



Just wished to clarify that this is just a broad cast list for one way communication.I have been managing a WhatsApp group hosted on this forum for last 2 years.For some reasons,do not wish to add new members there.However,with this experience and keeping the group functional and relevant in these years,had shared different insights at different times.Some of these have been posted in the below mentioned threads



Other than this,Some other useful but dated messages could be found by searching the profile (There are irrelevant group messages and some misleading messages too).

New candidates or May 2021 candidates reading this before Feb 28,can make their choice accordingly.