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Exam Feedback FRM Part 2 (May 2015) Exam Feedback

Ryan S

Why were passing %'s not put out this year? Or did I miss them. They usually come out same day as exam scores, or the day after I thought.

Nicole Seaman

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FRM Part II passouts ...please share your studying strategy.. I know few have shared, but we would love to get more guidance around Part II preparation...
Please make sure to share your study techniques on our Study Guide thread HERE on the forum. This way, everyone's study advice and tips is posted in one thread on the forum for easy reference :)



Alberto G

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[QUOMLago, post: 36402, member: 32099"]BTO/Alberto G.,
I am anxiously awaiting GARP's response to my work experience. When did you submit your information for review?[/QUOTE]

Hi MLago,
Same day the results were released as well, I guess the quickest, the first ;-)
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I am also certified now. I posted my experience on the same day the results came out. Congrtulations to certified FRMs and again many thanks to Bionic Turtle!!!
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Yeah !!!!! also I got mine and will mail out my certification on Sep. 30. Thanks David & BT again for offering so useful materials . if possible, I hope you can offer CFA materials in future. THANK YOU again.