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Exam Feedback FRM Part 2 (November 2014) Exam Feedback

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As in previous years, we will begin to update materials this month (January) and we will continue to update materials throughout the exam period (until May). When new materials are published, you will see a "New" symbol next to it and we also reflect the date in the title. Thank you for your patience during this very busy time.



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Hi, In the opinion of candidates who attempted Part II, what would you say are the major references. The major references for part 1 would be John Hull and Bruce Tuckman.


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I don't think so Ong doesn't seem to be assigned in 2015 reference and Jorion has 4 chapter, 2 in Market risk and 2 in Investment Management
IMHO, PART II Major references:
Tuckman, Gregory, Culp, Maltz, Jorion, Dowd, BASEL II/III
make sure you read, reread and understand all assigned chapters from these authors.