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FRM Part 2 Topic Review Video Series

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Hi David,

I've been viewing the "Topic Review" videos and realize that they were created during the 2012 exam year. Specifically, I recently view the "Operational Risk" and in it you mentioned your expectation, at the time, was that questions on Model Risk would be tame. It's 2014 now, so I'm wondering if your expectations around the appearance of certain topics on the exam have changed/evolved.

To that end, are you planning to release updated topic review videos? I expect that some of the videos from 2012 still apply for the current year. So, at a minimum, are you planning to at least release updated versions of some of the videos?




I don't see a section (study notes, questions, instructional video) for the Girling readings in the Operational Risk section. Is this available?


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Yes BT is updating existing material to align with updating readings of frm. The revised material.shall be available.soon please chec it out with David and Nicole when they shall be uploading new updated material for 2015. May be its right on the way

Nicole Seaman

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Hello @Lori,

As ShaktiRathore stated above, we are currently in the process of updating the materials for 2015. Please see our forum announcement HERE regarding the updated materials. We are not able to offer a timeline as to when specific materials will be published. We appreciate your patience during this time. :)

Thank you,