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FRM Part I - missing bubbles- I made a big mistake on 15-20 questions

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I am a long time lurker and finally posting this story for a) seek any help or suggestions and b) so others can learn from my mistake.

Now, I have not taken any such exam in last 10 years while I have been working in the risk management industry. The process today was somewhat new to me and I think I messed up big time.

For approximately 20 questions in FRM Part I, I changed the answers after filling up the bubble. As per the instructions (which felt weird when I heard them!), I did not use the eraser to erase the initial answers but wrote down the new answer under the “Final Answer” column. I thought I had understood and followed the instructions as stated for not erasing the answers and writing the updated answer on the “Final Answer”.

BUT it turns out candidates are also suppose to “fill in the second bubble” for an updated answer.I only realized this error when I started with my FRM PART II exam (by that time it was too late to update anything)

This is highly disheartening for me. I don't know what to do now. I had spent hundred of ours studying for these exams. I think my accuracy ratio would be high for the rest of 80 questions but it wont get me to >70% expected. I am practically in tears right now (as I was even during my FRM Part II). I think I just relied on what the proctor was saying without reading the instructions.

Is there anyway I can be saved?

Thank you
That is unfortunate but if I remember what the rather "harsh" sounding woman said, I believe that failure to fill out the second bubble could cause a delay in your test being scored. I hope that is the case.
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thank you for the replies. I am ok with the delay as long they are counted as per the final answer. I have reached out to GARP - to inform them about the error.


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I am curious about the GARP's answer. In our exam room there was a poster which gave an example like:

First example: You ticked B and in the final answer column you wrote C -> then it will be graded as B.
Second example: You ticked B and C and in the final answer column you wrote C -> then it will be graded as C.

That was what I understood.