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FRM part II Nov 2013 result released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I did, no answer though. We are supposed to wait for two weeks before they reply,

I just logged on GARP. Went through this path: Membership > Profile. On the left side I saw this:

FRM/ERP Status: FRM Holder

Though I haven't recieved any "FRM holder" confirmation mail from GARP after submitting my CV, does this status mean I am already FRM holder?

Could other ppl check this as well?


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@Ying2014 - I did something similar. Part 1 in Nov 2011 and Par 2 in Nov 2013.

I didn't re-read the Part 1 syllabus before starting the Part II. However, while learning the Part 2 concepts - it was clear when I needed to go back to some Part 1 material to review, before proceeding. The only real challenge sometimes is trying to locate exactly where is the material that you need to re-read. I used Schweser mainly (BT for some practice questions during part 2), and thought the index helped me locate a concept that I needed to re-read.

I did pass with a Q1 in all sections in first attempt. So don't let it bother you. Just have a good study plan and lots of practice questions. This has to be said - in my experience the quality of actual FRM questions is fantastic and really tests concepts down to the deepest level. So solve as many practice questions as you can!


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@abh2013 - No, don't think it means your work experience has been validated. I think it just means you have passed both FRM exams.

I also see FRM holder, but I just submit my work experience details literally 10 mins before checking.


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@ashanks - Thank you very much for the insight. I have started studying and agree with you that the general concepts from part I is a must have. But I think some of the more specific formulas from Part I likely won't be tested so there is no need to re-memorize them!


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I received the confirmation email today from GARP (sent my CV on 1st Jan.)
The status has been changed to FRM/ERP Status: Certified FRM.