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Discussion in 'About FRM' started by MLee, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. MLee

    MLee New Member

    Hi, I am aware that FRM assigns its own readings which draw from other books for the exam. However, does studying from the notes are enough? Do the notes cover the materials that are covered in the books that FRM suggested in the handbook?

  2. Hi MLee,

    If you refer to the study notes, YES, they are summaries from exactly the same reading assignments in the curriculum (the source assignments, the full texts, can be purchased at . However, they are summaries only. Let me know if you mean something different by "notes." Thanks, David
  3. MLee

    MLee New Member


    1)I am planning to purchase the Level 1 package soon, and I am just wondering after I purchased it, how long should I receive it? Will there be a study guide in the package?
    2) Also, I have a HB 10BII, but I found it hard to use, will other calculators be a better option?
    3) I am aware of student discount? So, how can I take advantage of that when I check out?

    Thank you,
  4. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    Hi Dave,

    1) I think you might be under the impression that you would be receiving contents via the mail. We do not ship any contents. All of our contents are available online for you to download at your convenience. You can see our calendar here of when content will be available for 2012. Yes, we do have study notes that will be available according to the calendar.
    2) In reference to calculators, please see this post.
    3) You can request a discount here. After you request the discount code, I will approve it and send you an email back with the code that you will apply when you make your purchase.

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  5. jeff-1984

    jeff-1984 Member

    Hello Suzanne,

    I just checked the calendar you posted in your previous post and I noticed that Part I and II notes will be mainly released in February however Part I and II videos will be released throughout March. Isn't it possible to release Videos + Notes Part I in February and Videos + Notes Part II in March? I'm asking this since I read in several places in the forum that our studying should start by the videos then we should switch to the notes and finally do the practice questions.
    Btw the practice questions will be released with the notes or with the videos ?
  6. Hi Jeffers,

    We strongly considered your approach (let's face it: my preference would be to release everything as soon as possible!), but we have many Part 2 customers that need to get started, too. With respect to the sequence, I think you are correct in the sense that I've proposed such a sequence. But the (i) key to any sequence has always been: save practice questions for last and (ii) we have found that the sequence varies by candidate and many candidates prefer, and many specifically requested, to have the notes available to them while viewing the video (i.e., before). So, frankly, that sequence of notes then videos was a deliberate reaction to our perception of the most helpful sequence.

    Re: the practice questions: as I write them daily, they always have the same story: they are updated throughout the year (except for the break i take after the Nov exam)

    I hope that explain, thanks! David
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  7. MLee

    MLee New Member

    Dave, thanks for replying.
    I am planning to place my order online tomorrow or so, so as suzanne mentioned above about the discount, am I going to request the discount before I order?
    Also, after I order the package, do i receive those materials right away? Meaning, can I start downloading them, since they are online materials?
  8. MLee

    MLee New Member

    i also want to know what kind of proof (attachment) do I need?
  9. MLee

    MLee New Member

    Suzanne, I have just attached my schedule. So, i hope to be receiving my coupon code asap, so i can place my order.
    and how long will I receive my materials?
  10. Hi MLee, I see the "discount code request." Thank you very much for you interest. Suzanne normally responds quickly but she is currently offline (it's Sunday), please expect a confirmation tomorrow (Monday). Thanks!
  11. MLee

    MLee New Member

    thanks. So, after I purchased the materials, how long will I get the access to the study package?
  12. Hi Lee,

    The 2012 calendar is here @

    I assume you realize that we do not ship any physical product and you have online access for one full year from date of purchase. Thanks for your interest! David
  13. MLee

    MLee New Member

    1)Do the videos necessarily have to come in during the weeks that are indicated to be release? For instance, P1T4 video is released in late april, so is it possible to get it beforehand?
    2)Also, have you posted the instruction in previous posts regarding figuring out the normal distribution value (for the black-scholes model) using the TI BAIIplus?

  14. Hi Lee,
    1. I doubt we will be releasing videos early; you have to understand, we basically have a full-time push (+ weekends/evenings) to make the schedule, if I thought we could get you quality earlier, I would do it ...
    2. I am not sure what previous post you refer to?
      Re calculator, did you see this post

      The TI BA II(+) cannot get you the normal CFD, the N(.), in the BSM. Only the HP 20B can do it. However, the exam does not assume you have the HP 20B and does not assume you have the ability to find N(.). Except you need to have memorized N(-2.33) = 1% and N(-1.645) = 5%; and it is good to know N(-2.58) = 0.5% and N(-1.96) = 2.5% as those correspond to the TWO-tailed 99%/95% deviates/quantiles.
    Thanks, David
  15. Hi MLee, FYI, Suzanne accepted your discounted code and mailed you the coupon code. Thanks.
  16. MLee

    MLee New Member


    I just purchased the package for P1, but i dont see the 2012 topics??!
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  17. MLee

    MLee New Member


    1) sorry, i am new to this. so materials won't be released until the dates that are specified on the calender? So, as of now, what can I do to study? study from the 2011 notes?

    2) Also, in my previous post, I was trying to ask that , when trying to determine the value of a contract using the b-s model, we need to find the normal distribution probability of D1 and D2, so on the exam how are we going to compute those values?

  18. Mlee,

    1. Yes, 2011 is fine, or the source materials
    2. I thought i wrote above? You cannot calculate the cumulative standard normal distribution, N(.), with a TI BA II+ or HP. The exam (GARP) knows this, so it will need to GIVE YOU the values. But please see above, you need to have at least the 1% and 5% memorized as those are the standard VaR uses.

    Thanks, David
  19. MLee

    MLee New Member

    thanks for answering. I see the you guys provide some documents for the readings that GARP assigned. I opened up a couples of them , such as the newest one that was posted on Chapter 5 and 13 about Modern Portfolio(elton and Gruber), so what are the purpose of these materials? Are they comprehensive enough to cover the original readings?

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