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FRM Vs. Masters in Risk Management?

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What do you guys think about masters in risk management? Looking at GARP site there are universities that are partnering with GARP regarding the course curriculum.

Do you think more schools will have this program?
When considering time and tuition do you think it's worth it Vs. FRM to securing a job as a risk manager?
Which one do you think is better in long term career outlook?


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For long term career I would opt for something I like to call "non-hybrid"

i.e. a master in a core subject: economics, finance, math, computer science, physics" etc... rather than something like "master in business math and information sciences" or "Business Informatics"
(no studies across subjects, you'll learn a bit of all but nothing in too much detail)

Get a good foundation in a hard science... it'll take you a lot further than trying to learn specifics for a specific job, you'll be very limited in your options.