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GARP Announcement - Transitioning to CBT in 2021

Nicole Seaman

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Some of you may have received this email, but I wanted to share this information that GARP released today in case there are some who did not receive the email. GARP has officially announced that they will be transitioning to CBT in 2021, and exams will be administered over a range of dates instead of one in May and one in November. Here is their announcement:

"I’m reaching out to tell you about some important changes in the administration of GARP’s flagship Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) Exam for next year. To provide candidates with more options as they face the uncertainty of COVID-19, GARP is transitioning the FRM Exam to computer-based testing (CBT). Part I will move to CBT starting in May 2021, with Part II moving to CBT in December 2021.

With CBT, candidates will take their Exams at secure testing sites via computer instead of paper and pencil. This will allow GARP to offer more scheduling options for the FRM while upholding the professional certification’s quality and reputation. Please note: The breadth, structure, and length of the FRM Exam are not being changed.

In addition to the introduction of CBT, we will also add a July Part I Exam in 2021 and offer an expanded testing schedule. Exams will now be delivered over a range of dates, instead of on a specific date, to give candidates more choices. FRM Exam Part I dates in 2021 are May 8-21, July 10-23, and November 13-26. All Part I Exams will be administered via CBT. FRM Exam Part II dates are May 15 (paper and pencil) and December 4-10 (CBT). Registration for the 2021 FRM May and July Exams will begin on December 1, 2020.

To learn more about the FRM’s 2021 changes, you can click here.

Especially during these challenging times, the FRM Certification remains a second-to-none, career-enhancing offering in risk management. GARP hopes that these changes make the Exam more accommodating and convenient for professionals looking to transform their career in the new year."